On the Road for Humanity

We constantly look after “our” families and communities. That’s why we send a truck full
of goods every month, in addition to larger convoys several times a year.  
Our help is ongoing, because our people need it more and more. 


Transport schedule:


23.06.-28.06.   Doraja Eberle / Peter Arp travel with actors, Salzburg

07.07.-13.07.   Funeral /March of peace

19.08.-26.08.   Construction Team Klessheim, Salzburg

27.08.-02.09.   Construction Team Tim Freundenstein (HILTI), Liechtenstein

04.09.-08.09.   Construction Team HILTI Löwen BU PT & A, Liechtenstein

11.09.-15.09.   Construction Team HILTI Outperformers, Liechtenstein

19.09.-26.09.   Construction Team Charly Weiper, Run for their lives, Havixbeck / Germany

02.10.-06.10.   Construction Team HILTI Vorstand, Liechtenstein






You want to get involved or make an in-kind donation? Please contact us and we will be happy
to arrange a drop-off date.