On the Road for Humanity

We constantly look after “our” families and communities. That’s why we send a truck full
of goods every month, in addition to larger convoys several times a year.  
Our help is ongoing, because our people need it more and more. 


Transport schedule:



23.04.-27.04.2019   Construction team Otto Neubauer, Politisch.Neu.Denken - Wien

05.05.-11.05.2019   Construction team HILTI – BU Anchor "Alte Löwen", Liechtenstein

12.05.-18.05.2019   Construction team HILTI - Lernende P4 "Junge Löwen",


19.05.-25.05.2019   Construction team HILTI - BU PT&A  + P4 KVP-Sieger "Alte Löwen",


27.05.-01.06.2019   Construction team Intarconnect - Rotary (Rotaract), Wien

08.06.-15.06.2019   Construction team Klaus Jürgen Mayer / Otto Hirsch + Team

16.06.-22.06.2019   Construction team HILTI - Global Outperformer Trainees "Junge Löwen",


30.06.-07.07.2019   Construction team HTL-Dornbirn + HAG/HAS-Lustenau, Günter Hämmerle

08.07.-13.07.2019   Funeral Srebrenica, march of peace

14.07.-20.07.2019   Construction team HILTI - BU Measuring  "Alte Löwen" , Liechtenstein

21.07.-27.07.2019   Construction team Landwirtschaftsschule Klessheim, Salzburg

05.08.-09.08.2019   Construction team Plaston AG Schweiz

18.08.-23.08.2019   Construction team HILTI - Trust "Alte Löwen", Liechtenstein

01.09.-07.09.2019   Construction team HILTI - Sherpas "Alte Löwen",international

29.09.-05.10.2019   Construction team HITLI - P1 Management "Alte Löwen", Liechtenstein

13.10.-19.10.2019   Construction team HILTI - MO-NL "Alte Löwen", Niederlande

20.10.-24.10.2019   Construction team HILTI - Subregion Adriatic "Alte Löwen", Südosteuropa



You want to get involved or make an in-kind donation? Please contact us and we will be happy
to arrange a drop-off date.