We proudly present to you our book on 30 years of BhB

In it, 32 people describe their very personal impressions, including their life-changing experiences.

You can get the book in German or English for a donation for our other projects.

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February 2021

Dear Friends!

Thirty years ago, we - "Bauern helfen Bauern - Salzburg" - built up our FIRST BhB house on the front line in the completely ruined town of Petrinja. By 1994, 150 more houses had followed in the region. The images from that time are no different from those before us now.

We are looking at so many houses totally ruined, no longer habitable.

In the place where we started 30 years ago, bonds of friendship with the people there have lasted over the years - and in that very place, we will once again help people to restart their lives, and - in answer to pleas from Petrinja, Sisak and Glina - begin building as soon as possible. We will also do our best to bring comfort and encouragement to people.

Will you help? Donations (marked PETRINJA), however small; are more than welcome: Our bank details:

Bauern helfen Bauern-Salzburg
Raiffeisenbank Grödig
IBAN Nr. AT 7535 0180 0000 0109 00
Your donations are tax-deductible according to § 4A Z 3 A ESTG


Doraja Eberle

Donating Hope with Farmers Helping Farmers

To the world, the Yugoslav Wars are history. But devastation and hopelessness are still a daily reality for many in the south-eastern regions of the former Yugoslavian Republic and neighbouring areas.  

Since 1992, privatly owned, independent NGO Farmers Helping Farmers brings humanitarian aid including in-kind donations and transports to support self-help in these deprived regions.

Long-term Help and Projects since 1992

The history of Farmers Helping Farmers is full of touching moments and little steps meaning a big leap into a brighter future for the people of the affected regions of the FYR. Activities that earned us several awards. Thanks to our donator’s generosity and the tireless efforts of our teams, we were blessed to witness countless of our supported families depart into a new, better life.

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