About FHF

The Farmers Helping Farmers Association was established in 1992 as a private and
independent NGO run by appx. 40 volunteers and exclusively supported by private donations.

We carefully select all the projects we want to support and fully co-operate with all local
authorities in Croatia and Bosnia. All communal bodies, Caritas, humanitarian organisations,
EUFOR, UNHCR and OHR are fully aware of our activities. 

Farmers Helping Farmers Chronicals

Doraja and Alexander Eberle establish Farmers Helping Farmers.
Our volunteers build a couple of wooden cottages along the front line of Sisak/Croatia, saving many from becoming refugees.

Over the years, a total of 1500 aid parcels are distributed in a quarterly interval to Croatians from Kosovo who are seeking refuge in Western Slovenia.

FHF provides help for refugees fleeing the former Krajina: Bi-monthly konvois with aid parcels to support schools, surgeries and veterinary surgeries with medication.

We start to assist the 400 patients of Jakes psychiatric clinic in Bosnia with the most necessary groceries and medication.

Help for appx. 8000 people living in the Croation enclave of Odzak, Bosnia. This includes providing 560 families with aid parcels and constructing 52 wooden cottages.

The Banja Luka project starts with aid parcels for more than 600 families and refugees returning home every quarter.
Housing projects in several areas. 17 food transports to Albania, monetary support for the construction of the “Village of Hope” refugee camp.
“Train of Hope” with 400 tons of food donated by the US-departement Germersheim
is shipped to Sarajevo.
200 tons of food for Sanski Most Caritas Zagreb.
Construction of 75 roof structures as well as windows and doors for settlements in Likofc, Kosovo.

Seit 2000
Re-construction and resettlement of numerous destroyed rural communities around Srebrenica and the Bosnia/Herzegowing area for all ethnic groups.

This includes the construction of settlements and infrastructure (mine clearance, road construction, medical surgeries, schools) as well as the support of self-help projects like farming, micro-entrepreneurship (partly with international distribution) and of the local craft business.

Thanks to plenty of personal appearances of Doraja Eberle and other members of the board across Salzburg, Austria and as well other countries, Bauern Helfen Bauern could increase awareness for the suffering of the Bosnian people significantly.

The tireless efforts of FHF have built up a community of 5000 donators. Furthermore, they have recruited appx. 250 volunteers who have regularly taken part in transports and other activities.
Ten core team members are helping out on a regular basis.

Farmers Helping Farmers sees itself as a complimentary NGO, concentrating on those niches
and activities that are left out by the main humanitarian organisations.

Thats why FHF focuses on

  • rural regions outside the metropolitan areas
  • the elderly who out of necessity often fall under the larger organisation’s radar
  • direct and personal relationships with the affected people
  • long-term development, not short-term relief
  • humanity in every sense. Our main mission is to respect the suffering, no matter what their religious background

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